Quickbooks Registration Process: Undeniable and Simple

If reports are to be believed, there is surge in the number of companies using Quickbooks in order to tackle budgets, finances and taxation. This clearly denotes widespread acceptability of this accounting software in the current business landscape. However, reports of ignoring or under-utilizing various traits of Quickbooks by CPAs are often heard. 14542700_168253886957862_1962736181_n1

This is because an error in the registration of software suppresses its features to let users make the full use of them. Sensing the significance of registration, users are recommended to follow corrective steps post Quickbooks installation.

The underlying steps to register Quickbooks are comprehensible and simple to execute:

Step 1: Open the Quickbooks software

Step 2: Press the ‘F2’ on the keyboard to allow the “Product Information” box to get popped up. The box contains two icons or tabs displayed as ‘Registered’ and ‘Unregistered’. If your software is already registered, click the former button to verify the registration or else you can click the latter tab to initiate the process of registration.

Step 3: Close the Product Information to proceed to the next step

Step 4: Go to the navigation menu on the top of the toolbar to find the tab ‘Help’ and click on it

Step 5: The option “Register Quickbooks” is displayed and you are required to click it to open the Registration wizard

Step 6: The wizard has “Begin Registration” option to get it clicked to find the Registration form

Step 7: You are required to duly fill in the form and adhere to the prompts to register Quickbooks

Step 8: Press “F2” post registration to ascertain the registration in the Product Information window.

Those unaware, Quickbooks can be used for a maximum of 30 days sans registration. However, it becomes unproductive post 30 days and the need for registration is inevitable.

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