Top 10 New Features In QuickBooks Updates 2019

QuickBooks Updates 2019 has included a diverse list of the new and improved features that can improve your accounting experience. They will not only improve the reliability and user’s experience but also give pace to your business accounting tasks. The new year’s release will help users to receive inventory from their customers and fulfill their orders with an enhanced accuracy. Here is a comprehensive list of the new features you can access with QuickBooks updates 2019

The significant features of

 QuickBooks updates 2019 –

Customer Invoice History Tracker (New)

With the help of this feature, users can track their invoice status on a real-time basis. This invoice status tracking includes-

  • The date of invoice creation
  • Due date of the invoice
  • Invoice email date and customer name (if the invoice is emailed from within QuickBooks using one of the supported email configurations in the Send preferences)
  • Date on which the invoice is viewed – Internet connection required to see the “viewed” status
  • Amount and date of customer Receive Payment recorded in the latest QuickBooks updates 2019.
  • Amount and date of Make Deposit recorded in QuickBooks

Transfer Credits Between Jobs of the Same Customer- (New)  

With the help of this feature, you can efficiently apply customer credits across all jobs of the same selected customer. Even more, the Customer and Job to which the credit is assigned can be found on the New column located on the Apply Credits window in QuickBooks update 2019. 

Quckbooks Updates 2019

Quckbooks Updates 2019

User Prompt to Create a Bill Payment When Using the Write Check

With the help of this new and improved prompt, users can avoid the Write check transaction type when the proper transaction type is a vendor Bill Payment. When a user enters the name of a vendor in “Pay to the order of” field on a Write check transaction, a new Check for bills window appears. Besides that, With this new QuickBooks updates 2019 function, users don’t need to run after their bill payments.
Employee Pay Adjustment History In

QuickBooks Updates 2019

With the help of this feature, the changes in the employee pay rates can be tracked. The list includes, hourly rates, salary, bonus, and commission items. Therefore, this is one of the most important QuickBooks updates 2019.

Inactive Inventory Items Included in Inventory Report Totals

Utilizing this feature, users can select to include the inactive inventory items while preparing the inventory valuation reports. Usually, inventory items are made inactive when there is no on-hand quantity is left but, with this new feature of QuickBooks updates 2019, can be made inactive despite having a quantity on hand.

Sick and Vacation Pay Tracking

This feature of QuickBooks updates 2019 offers new company preferences for setting the maximum type for sick and vacation time. Furthermore, the settings can be adjusted either on maximum hour at a time or the maximum hours for the year. Most noteworthy, the maximum type company preference is used to determine the total hours an employee can acquire.

Sensitive Payroll Permissions

With the help of this feature of QuickBooks updates 2019, the admin of a company file can have a more definitive view of the permission levels assigned to the users. Also, this includes access to sensitive payroll information.

Easy Upgrade

This feature empowers the users to install the newest version of the QuickBooks with a just two-click process. In addition, complete process of upgrading is automated and the user has the option to retain the older version of QuickBooks. Probably, QuickBooks updates 2019 has made the upgrade process can be done more efficiently.

Condense Data File Optimization

This improved QuickBooks updates 2019 feature reduces a company file size without deleting the data. The users can choose the condense data where there is an option to keep all transactions and only remove the audit trail. Apart from this, QuickBooks also cleans up a few performance logs and other technical details thereby reducing the file size up to 32 percent, which is one of the vital gains of QuickBooks updates

IIF (Intuit Interchange Format) List and Data Imports

The option of importing lists or data is available in the QuickBooks updates 2019. This improved feature in the QuickBooks updates 2019 validates the data needs to be imported. Likewise, this creates a file of records that can not be imported and allows users to rectify the errors and import the fixed records separately in new QuickBooks updates 2019. 

Certainly, these features can give you a glimpse of the future accounting trends and techniques. Above all, QuickBooks updates 2019 can make your business accounting smooth and more profitable.