Refund Policy

www.quickbooksupdates.com strives to maintain transparency while dealing with customers. As a result, our software support is offered in compliance with the subscription of the customer.

Our refund policies are highlighted below:

An Amount equal to full payment made by the customer will be refunded if QuickBooks Updates is not been able to resolve the primary issue depending on the support plan the customer is registered under:

  • Yr Support:Eligible for refund within 15 Days from date of payment if primary issue is not resolved.
  • 3 Incidents: Eligible for refund within 7 Days from date of payment, if primary issue is not resolved.
  • Instance Plan: Eligible for refund within 72 hours (3 Days) from the date of payment, if primary issue is not resolved

In case www.quickbooksupdates.com has resolved one or more issue the customer is not entitled for any refund.

Procedure for refund:
If the customer is not satisfied with the service he/she can case a log through any of the below method:

Online Refund request

  • Email at www.quickbooksupdates.com clearly stating the reason for cancellation
  • Once we receive the request we will schedule a call back from the concern department in next 4-8 hours to process your cancellation.

www.quickbooksupdates.com will investigate following logs:

  • Voice calls (all the conversation between the customer and technical agent)
  • Chat log of the technician and the customer.
  • Notwithstanding this www.quickbooksupdates.com may, at its sole discretion and on a case to case basis, agree to a refund of Subscription charges after deducting fees for servicing the Customer and cost of paid Anti -Virus and any other paid software which has been provided free of cost with any plan.